Overview of WCF,WPF,WF,Entity Framework

Programming with Windows Presentation

·         Introducing WPF, WPF Browser & WPF/E

·         WPF designers in Visual Studio, Microsoft Expression Blend

·         Using XAML as declarative XML syntax for describing UI

·         Using controls in WPF

·         Event handling, adding code to WPF applications

·         Layout management

·         Data binding architecture

·         Resource management

·         Styles and Templates

Programming with Windows Communication

·           Architecture of WCF

·           Standards in WCF

·           Services and endpoints

·           Address, bindings, and contracts

·           Channels and factories

·           Configuration

·           Hosting services in different types of applications and over different communication protocols

·           Introducing security, transactions, reliability



Module 1: Creating and Hosting Workflows
Module 2: Applying Conditions and Rules
Module 3: Communicating with Workflows


Entity Framework

1.  Architecture and Data Access Technologies

2. Building Entity Data Models

3. Querying Entity Data