Silverlight Introduction

·         What is Silverlight?

·         Architecture 

o    Project Architecture

o    Deployment

o    Assembly Caching

·         Running Silverlight Apps 

·         Tools for Creating Silverlight Apps 

·         Difference in versions 


Hosting Silverlight in the Browser

·         PlugIn positioning and Dimensions

·         Hosting the control 

o    Silverlight control

o    Object tag & options

o    Using a Xaml Splash Screen

o    Customising the Installation experience


Creating UI using XAML elements

·         Understanding the Xaml Syntax 

·         XamlNamescopes

·         Silverlight namespace extensions

·         Layout controls

o    Grid

o    Canvas

o    StackPanel

·         Working with controls 

o    Creating control instances through XAML

o    Setting properties on controls

o    Handling events on controls

·         Content Models

·         Type Converters

·         Property Elements

·         Mapping Libraries

·         Dependency Properties Intro 

o    Attached properties

·         Markup Extensions 

o    Binding

o    StaticResource

o    RelativeResource

o    TemplateBinding


Resources, Style & Templates

·         Creating Resources

·         Application Resources

·         Merged Resource Dictionaries 

·         Loading resources dynamically

·         Creating & Using Styles

·         Template Model

·         Themes