iOS Application Development

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Introducing iOS

1.     iOS Platform

2.     iOS Architecture and Software Stack

iOS Development Environment

1.     Introduction to iOS SDK

2.     Introduction to iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x

3.     Using XCode

4.     Using Interface Builder

5.     Using iPhone Simulator

Objective-C Basics

1.     Fundamentals

2.     Object Oriented Programming using Objective-C

3.     Classes & Objects

4.     Properties

5.     Protocols

6.     Categories

7.     Memory Management

8.     Manual Reference Counting

9.     Autorelease

10.  Automatic Reference Count (ARC)

11.  Introduction to Foundation Framework

12.  Working with basic Foundation Framework classes

13.  NSString

14.  NSArray

15.  NSDictionary        

16.  Blocks

Hello IPhone

1.     Creating a simple application

2.     Creating a simple application with User Interaction

iPhone Application Basics

1.     Anatomy of an iPhone application

2.     Application Life cycle and States

3.     Debugging an iPhone application

4.     Patterns & Practices used by Apple for application development

User Interface Programming - Basics

1.     Understanding XIB files


3.     Custom Views

4.     Handling Key board

5.     View Controller

6.     Orientation Management

7.     Basic User Controls

8.     Labels, Text Fields, Buttons, Sliders, Picker etc.

9.     Building application screens

10.¬† Adding user event handling ‚Äď Touch Events

11.  Alerts and Action Sheets

12.  Toolbars

User Interface Programming ‚Äď Intermediate

1.     Story boards

2.     Image View

3.     Scroll View

4.     Table Views

5.     Custom Table Views

6.     Editing Table View 

Multi Touch and Gestures API

1.     Events and Touches

2.     Multi-Touch Handling

3.     Gestures Framework


1.     Accelerometer

Web Based Application Development

1.     WebView

2.     HTML5 &Javascript

2D Graphics & Animation

1.     Quartz 2D & Core Graphics

2.     Animation

Application Preferences

1.     Application Settings and Preferences

2.     Settings Bundle

3.     Reading Settings

4.     Modifying Settings Bundle

5.     Implementing User Interface for setting preferences

File I/O

1.      File System

2.     Application Folders

3.      File permissions

4.     Moving around in the File System

5.     Creating, Updating and Deleting Files

6.     XML file parsing.