Introduction to Linux

·         Introduction to Operating System

·         Introduction to Linux

·         Application to LINUX

·         History of LINUX

·         Feature of LINUX

·         Typical LINUX based Systems

·         Login and Logout Procedure

·         Introductory Commands

o  date, cal, passwd, who, write, mesg etc.

Files and Directories

·         LINUX Architecture

o    The Kernel

o    Shell

o    Utilities and Application

·         LINUX File System

o  Linux Files

o    Types of Files

o    File Naming Convention

·         LINUX Directories

o    Standard Directories

o    Pathname

·         Commands for Directories

o  pwd, cd, ls, mkdir, rmdir, metachracter and wild card etc.

File Manipulation

·         File Security and Ownership Issues

·         Types of access

·         Access Permission

·         Change File Access

o  chmode, chown, chgrp

·         File Management Utilities

o  cp, cat, mv, rm, ln

·         Comparing and Contrasting Files

o  comm, cmp, diff, uniq

·         Sending ad Receiving Mails

Redirection and Filters

·         Re directions

o    Input Redirection

o    Output Redirection

o    Standard Error Redirection

·         Pipes and Filters

o  grep, sort, cut, paste

·         Examining files contents

o    head, tail, wc, more, pg, tee, tr

Visual Editor (vi)

·         The vi: Visual Editor

o    Command mode

o    Cursor movement

o    Screen Movement

·         Entering Text

o    Append text

o    Insert Text

o    New File

·         Deleting text

·         Modifying text

·         Last line mode commands

·         Pattern searching and substituting