Cloud Associate

Duration: 1 Day

About: The faculty form the most valuable resource of the technical education system.  With the advances in technology and its adoption by Indian industry occurring at a rapid pace, it has become essential that the technical teachers should develop an aptitude for life long learning and have an exposure to advances in their field through Faculty training program.


Why Cloud Computing training is important?

üCloud Computing will be creating 14 million new jobs across Globe by 2015.

üMicrosoft projected there will be 2 Million cloud jobs in India alone by 2015.

ü1.7 million open cloud-related positions in 2012 was not filled due to lack the training and certification Source IDC White Paper, Climate Change: Cloud’s Impact on IT Organizations and Staffing (November 2012).

üAll Companies will move to cloud sooner or later..

üAs a software developer, we required to develop API (software interface)

Course Details:


ü  What is Cloud Computing?

ü  What are the Characteristics of Cloud?

ü  What are Deployment Models of Cloud?

ü  What are the services Models of Cloud?

ü  Lab: Connecting to Linux/Windows cloud Server

ü  Job Roles and Advantages in cloud computing and Virtualization

ü  Cloud Summary 


Advantages For You

ü  Awareness about Cloud Computing.

ü  Develop Ability to educate students on Cloud Computing

ü  Precisely designed to meet industry's cloud requirements

 Understanding current Job Roles

ü  Cloud infrastructure Architect

ü  Architecting, Solutions Developments, Datacenter Security Management

ü  Server Virtualization Administrator

ü  Enterprise Server Administrator

ü  Business Desktop Environment Specialist

ü  Application Virtualization and VDI Administrator