HTML - The Backbone of the Internet

·         An overall understanding of the World Wide Web (WWW), web sites and Web Portal

·         An understanding of structuring web sites

·         Added images, DIVS, tables and hyperlinks to web pages

·         A basic knowledge of optimizing web pages for Search Engines

·         Uploaded web pages to the WWW using an FTP program

CSS: Redefine & Redesign the HTML Tags

·         Know how to create Style sheets to help manage Web Based projects

·         Understand CSS Rules

·         Be able to use CSS to position objects

·         Understand how CSS works

JavaScript: Client Side Web Programming

·         Understand the fundamentals of Web programming

·         Write Object orientated JavaScript

·         Creating .JSS file.

·         Using Events in Java Script

·         Read and understand real world JavaScript (such as the jQuery source).

HTML5: Responsive Web, Device Independent Web


·         An overview of the HTML5 specification.

·         An understanding of how HTML5 differs from previous specifications.

·         Practical knowledge to implement new HTML5 elements and attributes.

·         Practical knowledge of how to use the audio, video and canvas elements.

·         Knowledge of the new JavaScript APIs

·         How to provide JavaScript alternatives for unsupported features.


CSS3: Beautifying Responsive Web

After this CSS3 Training, audience will have:

·         An understanding of the CSS3 specification

·         Knowledge of current browser support for CSS3

·         Practical knowledge of how to implement new CSS3 features

·         Providing alternatives for unsupported features in various browsers          

·         CSS3 for responsive Web