CourseĀ Code:

Duration:Ā 2 Days


Struts is the most popular and powerful framework for developing JSP applications. In this Struts training class, experienced Javaā„¢ developers learn how to use Struts and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern to build scalable, maintainable data-driven Web applications.


Core Java Development, Servlet, JSP, Custom Tag & at least 1-2 years of experience on Web Development

CourseĀ Details:

  • Struts 2: the modern web application framework
    • Web applications: a quick study
    • Frameworks for web applications
    • The Struts 2 framework
  • Saying hello to Struts 2
    • Declarative architecture
    • A quick hello
    • HelloWorld using annotations
  • Working with Struts 2 actions
    • Introducing Struts 2 actions
    • Packaging your actions
    • Implementing actions
    • Transferring data onto objects
  • Adding workflow with interceptors
    • Why intercept requests?
    • Interceptors in action
    • Surveying the built-in Struts 2 interceptors
    • Declaring interceptors
    • Building your own interceptor
  • Data transfer: OGNL and type conversion
    • Data transfer and type conversion: common tasks of the web application domain
    • OGNL and Struts 2
    • Built-in type converters
    • Customizing type conversion
  • Building a view: tags
    • Getting started
    • An overview of Struts tags
    • Data tags
    • Control tags
    • Miscellaneous tags
    • Using JSTL and other native tags
    • A brief primer for the OGNL expression language
  • UI component tags
    • Why we need UI component tags
    • Tags, templates, and themes
    • UI Component tag reference
  • Results in detail
    • Commonly used result types
    • JSP alternatives
    • Global results
  • Exploring the validation framework
    • Getting familiar with the validation framework
    • Wiring your actions for validation
    • Writing a custom validator
    • Validation framework advanced topics
  • Advanced topics
    • Advanced action usage
    • Dynamic method invocation
    • A single action for CRUD operations