Mobile Testing

TAI offers the best Training on window testing in India. We are Microsoft Learning Partner with competency in Android, iOS & Windows Phone testing. Our course Training on Window Testing in India is recommended by Microsoft India to their customers. Windows testing courses that we offer in India are for MTM, Testing activity and test planning, test suite, test runner, lab management along with Android, iOS & Blackberry testing.


Introduction to Class

  • Participants
  • Familiarization with course material
  • Familiarization with the protocols and timings
  • Expectation setting and clarifications

Mobile Application SW Overview

  • Overview  on Mobile testing (Android / iPhone / Blackberry)
  • How web based and mobile testing are different? Best possible approach to do testing for mobile applications?
  • What are industries standard approaches for mobile web/native apps testing

Testing Testing of Web applications on different browsers (Android / iPhone / Blackberry)

  • Approach / Strategy
  • Emulators  (iPhone on Mac, Android on Windows XP and RIM SDK on Windows XP)

Testing of Native apps on different OS (Android / iPhone / Blackberry)

  • Document showing difference on all Mobile OS and Testing Environment with Languages and Tools for writing test programs.
  • Approach / Strategy for Unit Tests on iPhone, Blackberry and Android
  • Emulators for different kinds of devices touchpad based and keypad based testing considerations
  • Integrating Eclipse with Android using the ADT Plugin. Troubleshooting for any problems.
  • Creating Android Virtual Devices (AVD’s) and launching from Eclipse.
  • Running a Sample program inside Eclipse. Generating Binary (.apk) file and showing the various locations where files are formed.
  •  Using ADB, DDMS from command line and executing Shell commands while execution, installing and uninstalling applications to Mobile devices.
  • Memory managing files from command line from Unsigned and Signed Binaries.


DAY - 2

Automation (Android)

  • Approach / Strategy for Web based / Native Apps
  • What’s the scope of automation in mobile testing? What are best tools available in market?
  • Mounting & Unmounting the SD Card and copying the files to and from SDCARD using Command line options available and checking the results.
  • Writing test cases and executing test cases using JUNIT on Android Mobile Phone.
  • Writing test cases and executing using Robotium tool.
  • Executing Database application and locating the correct SQLLite database using the DDMS tools and examining the records using a FREEWARE tool.
  • Executing code for LBS (Location based services) and testing via the DDMS interface using .GPX files.
  • Executing code for WebService and testing Web based applications.
  • Executing UI Exerciser Monkey Tool
  • Overview of Python Scripting and how to run the code from command line.
  • Executing MonkeyRunner Tool using Python Scripting for Automated Test Cases.

Using MonkeyTool with Eclipse and AspectJ plug-in for the Automated testing on Android Devices / Emulators


  • Approach / Strategy for Web Based / Native Apps
  • Integrating Eclipse Indigo with JDE Plugin for Blackberry and Blackberry Simulators
  • Executing sample application on Blackberry Simulator and locating .cod & .alx files for Standard / Web Interface.
  • Changing Simulator & Managing Memory on Blackberry Simulator while running application.
  • Using Fledge/Fledgerunner tool from CommandLine and executing various commands for applications.
  • Writing Test Cases using BUNIT and executing them on Blackberry Platform
  • Executing Python Test Cases on Blackberry Applications.


DAY - 3

Automation (iPhone)

  • Approach / Strategy for Web Based / Native Apps
  • Integrating xCode with iOS and executing application on the iPhone / iPad Simulator
  • Executing Sample applications on the iPhone / iPad simulator & locating binaries like .app and .dsym files
  • Changing Settings in iPhone for debug mode testing of web- based applic Executing FoneMOnkey on iPhone on iOS using OCUNIT and SENTESTING FRAMEWORK
  • Creating Proxy on iPad for Client Port testing.
  • Command Line utilities for iPhone based testing

Automating iPhone Memory Testing using xCode and Obj-C code. (INSTRUMENTS)

Using MonkeyTool with xCode for the Automated testing on iPhone Simulator / Devices

  • Installing binaries on iPhone and using the provisioning profile.

Introduction to Phone Networks and their working (Android / iPhone / Blackberry)

  • Complete Activation Process of Blackberry Devices
  • Activation of iPhone Provision Profile and loading it on phone details.
  • Mac OS and iPhone OS Overview with the programs how to run them
  • Mac OS X and iPhone Security policies setting and certificate generation from the Internet Developer Portal and Installing on iPhone.
  • Manual Testing on iPad / iPhone / iPod using the iPhone based features inside the settings.

Different kinds of testing and their approach (Android / iPhone / Blackberry)

  • Security/Performance Testing
  • Usability/UI/UX testing
  • Tools used for this kind of testing.
  • Making iPhone and iPad ready to be tethered using the Access Point feature and working with Proxy based applications.
  • Overview of iPhone binaries, .plist file and Simulator creation and usage.
  • Difference in testing for Ad-Hoc and Main release files and Best UI guidelines for iPhone.
  • Xcode and Objective-C overview and how to write test cases on iPhone and executing them.
  • Generic (Android / iPhone / Blackberry)
  • Device anywhere and FoneMonkey for iPhone
  • Robotium, DDMS, LOGCAT on Android, Debugging from Eclipse with ADT
  • BUNIT for Blackberry touch and keypad phones
  • Which are best freeware tools can be used for Mobile application testing?
  • Debugging any bug found, how to locate root cause of bug in application (device or emulator), and standard mechanism?
  • Hands on session with Q and A
  • Executing Test cases on Mac (Intel) for iPhone based applications.
  • How to test for UI, Web-Service and Database.
  • Using Organizer and iTunes to load files on the iPhone / iPad / iPod via the Provisioning Profile.
  • Using iPadPeek, FoneMonkey, SeeTest, Mobione and FoneMonkey for iPhone / Android / Blackberry devices.
  • Complete Activation process and Troubleshooting for the Blackberry in Enterprise Environment and issues faced while doing it.
  • Using Blackberry Simulator for the applications.
  • Loading applications on the Blackberry Simulator for testing.
  • Load, Performance, UI, Web and Security testing on BB device