CSS Training

Duration: 4 days


CSS course teaches attendees how to format text and layout pages using CSS.


Prior hands-on experience with HTML is required.

Course Details

  • Understanding CSS
  • Reviewing XTHML Basics
  • Understanding CSS Terminology
  • Adding Rules to a Style Sheet
  • Adding Selectors
  • Working with Multiple Declarations
  • Working with Style Sheets
  • Embedding a Style Sheet
  • Importing an External Style Sheet
  • Importing Multiple Style Sheets
  • Linking to an External Style Sheet
  • Managing Style Sheets

Selectors and the Cascade

  • Understanding Selectors
  • Using ID Selectors
  • Using Class Selectors
  • Using Grouped Selectors
  • Using Descendant Selectors
  • Looking for the Sources of Styles
  • Resolving Style Conflicts with Specificity
  • Using the !important Declaration
  • Understanding Inheritance
  • Revealing Unstyled Documents
  • Applying User Style Sheets

Using CSS to Affect Page Layout

    • Introducing the CSS Box Model
    • Creating Simple Floats
    • Using Floats for Page Layout
    • Fixing Column Drop
    • Clearing Essentials
    • Containing Floats
    • Displaying Elements

Setting Foreground and Background Properties

    • Adding Foreground Colors
    • Adding Color to Background Elements
    • Adding Background Images
    • Repeating Background Images
    • Positioning Background Images
    • Using the Background Shorthand Declaration

Setting Typography

  • Altering Line Height
  • Using Font Families
  • Changing Font Styles and Weights
  • Sizing Fonts
  • Writing Font Shorthand Declarations
  • Aligning Text Horizontally
  • Aligning Text Vertically
  • Transforming Text
  • Decorating Text

Using Margins and Borders to Create Whitespace and Separation

  • Understanding Margins
  • Adding Borders
  • Implementing Padding
  • Using Negative Margins
  • Collapsing Margins

Styling Tables

  • Styling Tables and Captions
  • Styling Table Cells
  • Styling Column Classes
  • Styling Links in Table Cells

Styling for Print

  • Styling for Specific Mediums
  • Creating a Print Style Sheet
  • Hiding Elements for Print
  • Styling for Print
  • Applying Complex Styling for Print
  • Creating a Footer

Bringing It All Together

  • Working with Text Fragments
  • Setting Global Styles

Defining Masthead and Navbar Colors

  • Laying Out the Navbar
  • Using Columns
  • Setting Content Styles
  • Starting the Sidebar
  • Creating the Sidebar Boxes
  • Completing the Sidebar
  • Styling the Table
  • Creating the Footer